This version of the Christmas story was originally written as a play for radio. It was eventually was brought to life by a group of unpaid volunteers and broadcasted on Impact 103, a Christian community radio station in Pretoria, South Africa. It was recorded in Pretoria in the studios of Impact Radio and Maranatha Record Company, and compiled in Treebeard's Sound Hole.
The following people, in order of appearance, added their voices to this project:
Janine van Niekerk did the introduction.
Thabo Mdluli performed the part of God ("He sounds good with an African accent, hey?"), and Piet Smit played the role of Zechariah the priest.
Tshikwe Molobe was the angel Gabriel, and Karabo Lance played Joseph.
Kiku de Buck played Heli, and Peter Roebert was the innkeeper.
Ruan Engelbrecht told Zebedee's story, and Leon Ferreira brought Herod to life.
Jan de Wet, one of the wise men of South African Christian music, was the wise man Melchior.
André Faro told the legend of the little drummer boy, and Ruth O'Reilly Smith introduced us to Anna.
Carindé van Schalkwyk told the story of Mary, many years after that night.
Background music for narration was supplied and added to the text of the play by Leon Ferreira.
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Thank you to everyone who helped with this project. Christmas will never be the same for me!
And, finally, thank you to YOU for reading this. I hope it fills you with the wonder and awe of Christmas, and bring you face to face with the Child of Christmas.
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