Long, long ago
      and far far away ...
That's how many of your greatest stories begin.
My story, my plan,
      my over-arching obsession,
started before WHEN,
      and before WHERE;
before time,
      before space,
            before anything but I AM.
That's when I thought of you,
      fearfully and wonderfully made;
And I loved you
      with an everlasting love.
I saw the great journey
      from Eden,
            to your exile,
                  to my home;
and I cried
      for I saw you, lying by the side of the road,
                  and hurting,
                        and dying
And I saw me, broken,
            and hurting,
                  and dying
for no reason, but YOU.
And I knew
As surely as I live
      As surely as I am I AM
            I would do anything for you.
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