[Sometimes I get so tired of religion, of spiritual talk with no substance, of faith without an object, of morality without an independent unchanging standard. How did we ever stray so far?]
In the beginning Man created god
In His image He created him:
With hands and feet
     to confine his activity to that which Man could understand
With a mouth
     to speak to Man's ears, and not his heart
With omniscience
     so Man could have unlimited access to knowledge
With omnipotence
     so Man could call on his abilities
With omni-presence
     so he would always be there when Man needed him
Man made god invisible
     so his shape would be acceptable to all Men
And man placed His god in a place called heaven
     to keep him from interfering in Man's affairs
Man applied His senses to His handiwork
     and found it aestetically pleasing
And He applied His mind to it
     and agreed that it met all His criteria for subservient benevolence
Man saw that the work of His hands were indeed very good
     no, it was flawless
And Man ascribed perfection to His god
     divorcing him from the reality that shaped Man's character
So Man went to bed for a well-deserved rest

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